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The return of our Lord Jesus



On August 15 2017
The lord gave me a dream
And in my Dream
I was in the doctors office, but i was looking down , like from the ceiling . the doctor was telling a gentlemen (that he had A tumor in his brain, And he also made it known to me that it was malignant.
When I woke up I laid there in bed just contemplating on what this meant.
So I go outside on the deck , it was still dark out , I think 5 AM
I kneel down and ask God ,did I have cancer ?was this what he your explaining to me in my dream?
But this dream , I was watching and he was talking to a different individual. I was still confused .
Now I was in the Philippines when the Lord gave me this dream.
So Going back inside ,and my natural routine is to check my email from from friends and family. But this morning I get an email from my brother Bernard ,telling me that David went to the doctors office today and was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain but they still have to send off a sample, they did not know if it was malignant.
god actually put me in the office when The doctor was talking to my brother , while I was sleeping he was at the doctors office getting this diagnosed. At this time I lived in the Philippines, 13 hours difference
I already knew that it was malignant but it was not easy telling my brothers and sisters of my dream.
Gods words says Acts 2:17
In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams
My brother David has been a Christian and walking with God every since I have been a child. In fact our paths went opposite direction. Where I lived of the world he lived for Jesus
I think David looked at me ,just like the apostles looked at Paul when he first converted over to Christianity.
David passed away this year in the spring
But I know David is in heaven I felt it when I looked on his lifeless body that morning. The angels are rejoicing in heaven

I know what my Lord showing me that night and all those dreams, will be completely unbelievable to most people.

The Holy Spirit put it in my heart, even if I was to give them , the longitude and latitude of this flight wreckage, which is , under the ocean,the devil will blind them .

But I did pray that our father would show me the longitude and latitude , Of where the wreckage is.

But not to glorify my name but to show what really happened to this flight , for all the hurting family members and to give God our father the glory My father answer my prayers.

Three seventy
In Matthew 24:33 the bible reads.. So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates…
My first beginning in the Christian life, God was showing me, amazing things.
I remember when this flight first disappeared ,March 8, 2014 …
When I first became a Christian, later on that year, this was one of the questions I ask my Heavenly Father…..
I prayed with a heavy heart, I ask the Lord , to show me what happened ,to all these innocent people? how can this possibly happen ? 239 people will never be seen again….
Over two years later, My Heavenly Father, showed me , exactly what happened to that plane…
This will be 4 different dreams back to back ….
The first dream
I remember being seated ,and the stewardess came by , and asked everybody to get up and And to stand in the Alse of the plane .. then I woke up .. contemplating on what this was …  just thinking it was another dream,  so i went back to sleep …..but for the second time ,I was back on that flight. but this time ,the stewardess was arguing with me ,to stand up and I refuse to stand and kneel down in the asle of the plane … at that time all the passengers was kneeling in both of the asles … immediately woke up again , but this time I knew God was showing me something… but still not remembering, The prayer I asked of God, two years before. ..I was
so sleepy, went right back to sleep…And yet again back on the plane…
still in my seat and this time the stewardess on the other side of the plane was pointing at me but I was ignored her….
I refused to get up, even though everybody was out of their seats kneeling down but me….
(Woke up 3rd time .. This time I knew what my Lord was showing me. And how he was answering a very important prayer… went to sleep yet again , I was back on the plane ,but this time looking the stewardess directly in the face , she was leaning over telling me the pilot wants all people out of their seats…  I remember looking for a way out of the plane, once it hit the water….
Still refusing to leave my seat.. The stewardess had short dark hair, she was Asian and maybe 40 years old…
4 times , I fell asleep and woke up….
So finally, I wake up , deciding not to go back to sleep …I get up ,go outside kneeling down ,and asking my father, is this what happened to the flight ? and immediately , the Holy Spirit put flight 370 in my thoughts!!!!!!
This was over two years after the disappearing of this flight but immediately I knew the flight number.
God showed me exactly what happened to this plane.,.,,and when or they ever do find it ,nobody will be in their seats….
In John 10:10 Jesus says, The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly
On that horrible night on March 8, 2014, the thief killed and destroyed so many families.

In Hebrews 13-2
The apostle Paul says,
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware….
My first two years in my Christian life, my prayers to my father, would be, , let me see an angel. I guess I was naïve , but excited about the Christian life …
many times ,mentioning angels in my prayers 🙂
My first encounter, With an angel ….
Early on, walking with my Lord Jesus, everything was falling apart. going to sleep One night ,with tears in my eyes ,and sleeping with the Bible By my heart
I fell asleep ,and slept the entire night , for the first time, in a long time. but this morning , I was awaken , with someone holding my hand. First thing I thought , it’s my wife . Then realizing, we was recently divorced,,, I live alone , and nobody was in bed with me . at first it startled me ,, but As I laid in bed , I realize,God was showing me , that he will hold my hands , through these trouble times, Then the most peaceful feeling came over me….,,

The second encounter with an angel….
actually visually seeing an Angel. This will take place in May 2016.
Bringing my car to get maintenance and oil change.. Going inside automotive to pay, I notice an older black gentleman ,sitting on the bench ,but he looked really strange. His clothes look from a different era. His hand bag was very old and he was looking into it, as I walked by him.
I paid for the oil change, and I was looking at the receipt,, because something was wrong ,with what they charged me. walking past him the second time , I heard a voice, he asked me, sir , can I get some money for food. I’ve been here all day , and have not eaten anything ,all day…
I said of course, as I looked in my wallet, I had a $20 bill and two $1dollar bills
Realizing that two dollars, will not buy lunch , so
I gave him the $20 ,, and told him to give our Lord Jesus the thanks…
But then I asked him ,what was he doing there ? it’s like 3 PM in the evening. I asked him where is his car? And he pointed into the distance , where his car is , but it just did not make any sense.
As I left him sitting on the bench, completely confused about his situation.
I get in the car and look at my receipt and realize that they charge me $20 less than they told me. Really strange,, at that very moment, the Holy Spirit revealed to me ,that it was an angel that I just entertained .
Going straight home and praying to my father, asking him, was this an angel I just entertained? Immediately the Holy Spirit filled my body again ..

The third encounter
Moving from my home state , on the gulf coast, to Tennessee…
me and my wife stop by McDonald’s , for lunch ..
The town was called Cleveland Tennessee.
When I walked in , going to the restroom, I noticed a man ,with some type of disability.
He was walking with a severe limp.
As I walked by him he said, Sir can I get some help. My wife and baby is in the car, it’s broken down and we have no money. I told him of course..
so after leaving the restroom, going to my wife , getting $20 , for this desperate gentleman.
My first words to him ,
never thank me, only our Lord Jesus, which gave it to me.
At this very moment he started telling me about Jesus, how the blood of Jesus saves us all. Then I noticed his shirt , had many scriptures written all over it.
He started Telling me , that I was traveling in Gods Land , and many godly people lives in that area.
He started really preaching hard about the blood of Jesus. Then I wished him luck ..
me and my wife returned to the car. Then I realize how strange that was, I get back out of the car and walked around the McDonald’s , looking for their broken car. Never seen him again.
In Psalm 91:11
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways

As I build this website, the enemy attacks me almost every other night.The Holy Spirit has me reading this scripture before I sleep,
“Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and (physical and mental strength and ability) over all the power that the enemy [possesses], and nothing shall in any way harm you” (Luke 10:19)

He ( Satan)knows ,as God our father ,shares the secrets of this world with me, and I share it on the website, then I can bring people to our savior my Lord Jesus

January 2 1st 2016
returning from Asia. Trying to get back in my routine that night. Getting the Bible out of the top shelf of the closet where I left it. Opening up and pages was missing from it. Completely ripped out. The first 25 chapters of Genesis was completely gone. I could not find the missing pages anywhere.Absolutely no explanation for this. But yes there really is, of any part of the Bible the devil would want to destroy it’s the beginning of Genesis.

His Word says ,
in Ephesians 6-12 ,
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places
On March 20, 2019, the dark and demonic attack was in full force…
So that day , I notice ,all around the pool ,and in the pool, was black bird feathers. As I clean the feathers up, thinking what could have caused this?
This night would be different , then any other night, that the enemy has put me through.
The night would Start off , even Before I nodded off to sleep, I could smell Sulfur..
before 12 midnight, I felt something tapping me on my forehead three times. Every hour, waking me up. But at 5 AM, it tap me on my leg three times. This time I had enough. Going outside, kneeling down and asking my father, please tell me ,what do I do? completely exhausted and angry at the enemy. I said Lord, this is all new to me, fighting the dark Realm ,That I cannot even see. Then ,The Holy Spirit put this scripture in my heart at that time.

in Timothy 2. 1-7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind..
so completely exhausted, and going back to sleep…this is where our Lord showed me what I was fighting against…
In my dream , me and my wife walking in the house, The lights started cutting off and on. Immediately I knew what it was … I started shouting, in the blood of Jesus leave this house. I was screaming continuously, by the blood of our Lord Jesus , you must leave this house. I was screaming so loud, that I started losing my voice. At this time, A little 3 foot demonic creature, covering his face with a box, and shaking , as he was scared, ran out of my house…This night my Lord, showed me, how irrelevant and horrified they are , of our lord Jesus name..
I was thinking it was just that house, but no, I was very wrong. We moved to Tennessee and immediately, the demonicforces started Attackingme. But now I’m more equipped .

.my future wife , wanted me to take a picture and send it to her by email.. In the picture , two blue eyes looking down on me in the photo.

Even my First weekend in Tennessee, he was keeping me awake touching me on my shoulder. Knowing I did not want to wake my wife up screaming at him. But later that day I would clean house of this demonic entity, by the blood of Jesus he left

the Lord has already shown me ,what I’m fighting against. I pray that people of this world, will understand how real the devil is. He wants mankind to think that he’s just A myth and really don’t exist.but in reality he comes to steal kill and destroy… if you’re not walking with our Lord, then he will never attack you. But once you give your life to serve our father and in the name of his son our Lord Jesus Christ. Then he will attack you with everything he has.but be a good cheer, our Lord Jesus , will return, and the Devil’s days are numbered ..

We are not alone.Add onto script

. This one was the most difficult to share with the public. And I even contemplating ,was this the third heaven he showed me. But I go back to my dream. and Iwas asking my Lord Jesus ,

the question he wanted me to ask .

And the main question that I asked was (is there life on other planets)

So Regardless of the ridicule and disbelief , I will receive.

Our Lord Jesus showed me, that God the father is over every planet and every star.

Was this the new earth that our Lord showed me this night? It very well could be. But based on the questions I ask,

My belief ,it was another planet with life

In Corinthians 12-1
The apostle Paul said
I knew a man in Christ, fourteen years ago ,whether in the body, I know not; or whether out of the body, I know not; God knows, such a one [was] caught up ,even to the third heaven.
Every night I go outside, to pray and worship our heavenly father, ,as I look at the amazing stars ,and galaxies, I would ask our Lord , is there life on other planets? 
On August 7 2018 over two years later ,my Lord Jesus answered that question in this amazing dream.
My Dream starts off , I was
Asking the Lord to take me back in the day of his crucifix, but he had other plans .I felt my body rising in the sky , but thinking ,I was about to see Roman soldiers ,and seeing what Jerusalem look like in those days.but then ,I came out of this darkness and started traveling in space ,at speed Unimaginable to men .all I could see was light from stars passing me.I was asking the Lord ,where was he taking me ? and he just kept telling me , its getting close but we kept traveling through space and finally i seen 
An outline of this huge planet that was dark and void .but as we slow down and passed by, on the other side of this planet , was this beautiful  smaller planet unlike Earth, it was green I,Yellow and other amazing colors.but did not have an ocean .and as we approached this planet ,we went close to it . slowing down from Lightspeed, to just looking at the planet , almost stopped.
I asked my lord Jesus ,what was that planet ,and he said it was something like Uranus but longer word , but I could not understand,and I ask him again ,please tell me the name of the planet but each time his voice was muffled
I think three times he said the name of the planet.
then after passing up the planet we landed on like a raft. And I said Lord are you Landing me in the ocean. Then I asked him one last question Lord is there life on other planets ,then I woke up immediately in with the holy spirit energizing my body. I asked the question again while I laid in bed , Lord did you just show me life exist on other planets? And immediately the Holy Spirit hit me again with the energy. It feels like when a cat purrs but 10,000 Times stronger
I made a noise And inwoke up My wife . I was breathing hard and she asked me what was wrong. Then I told her what my Lord Jesus just showed me
Corinthian‘ 1
Paul said , I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed .
This Night on August 7, 2018 , the Lord showed me , A mystery ,
that life does exist on other planets ,and God is in control. He hides the other world from us ,but the closer our Lord Jesus is to return ,the more unexplainable objects ,we will see in the sky. I pray for this planet
I’m so new to Christianity but the things that I have learned ,the Holy Spirit will immediately show you when you do something out of the will of God.

I wake up on my knees and before I sleep I’m on my knees thanking the Lord.

My fear of God my father ,has only increased ,as the months and years go by.

I remember getting out of my truck in the morning, and getting on my knees in the driveway ,because I forgot to say my morning prayers.

I reverence and put my father above everything. every night going outside at dark and praying and singing to my Lord.

I love him so much and he is my life.

God reprimanded me…….
On June 29, 2016, I was very upset with the company , that has employed me , for over 29 years….
Working for this large company, that builds naval ships, one of the largest in the United States…..
deciding to take the situation in my own hands on this day ….. I found an attorney , that specialize in work related incidents….
and I signed her, to represent me ,against the company I work for….
In my anger , I wrote out a letter, on my laptop. … but just sending it to my other email , so I would have a copy of it , to send it the next morning , to corporate……
In the letter , I was giving my opinion , on how they treated me for all these years…
So this day was about me , attacking the company , that I felt has been dishonest …..

My Dream …. the Lord gave me a dream….and in the dream ,a snake was in a bag ,and I picked up a chair , and started killing the snake , it was very frightening like I could not kill the snake …
but then suddenly, I was on the back of a work truck, The guys in the truck was telling me, basically it’s my fault about the situation , I’m in , and the Lord was showing me ,I was wrong , for signing an attorney and not putting my faith in Christ.
God was condemning me for my actions , from yesterday, and I was the one that was in the wrong…..

When I woke up , I was scared and had a rapid heart rate.
immediately Kneeling down in prayer , asking the Lord for forgiveness for being dishonest, and I was giving this all to God my father….. I then emailed my new attorney and told her, I was dropping the case , after just one day of signing with her, to take legal actions against the company….
She immediately called me and asked me ,why
have I changed my mind.??
Without hesitating ,I told her, God gave me a dream to drop this case and to let him handle everything….
I also contacted the legal department in my company , and told them that I was not going to fight the Company with legal action and whatever decision they make I will except
Also the nasty letter that I wrote out and emailed myself, so I could email it to the company this morning….
I cannot find it ,in any of my email boxes ….(God is Great)

September 14, 2014, Is the day,
I gave my life to the Lord…
On September 14, 2016, I get a phone call from the company. Offer me A very generous one time payment…
and after almost 30 years, an early retirement

My Wife , A Gift from Heaven .
The Lord , Guided Abraham’s Servant
In genesis 24-12.
As he prayed. “Please give me success today, and show unfailing love to my master, Abraham.
See, I am standing here beside This Spring..

As Our Father , guided Abrahams servant to find Isaac’s wife, this night our Lord would show me, my future wife
This verse really illustrate how God our father , will show us , our future spouse, if we put it in his hands.
Many tearful nights in my closet , I Prayed to our Lord , to show me my future wife.

I started talking to Rosalyn online,Early on , through the separation.

I explain to her, we cannot get serious until my Lord showed me that we were supposed to be together.

Night after night, going up top, to sing ,praise and pray to my father, looking at the stars outside ..

The loneliness of being by myself , would have been unbearable , but my Lord took away the pain, of the divorce.
And then, August 15 2016, my father gave me a dream and a vision.

In the dream .
Rosalyn and her mom was cooking for me.
We was in the Philippines, talking to her mom about the type of fish she was cooking.
Asking her to just stay with us for that night , it was getting late .but she had to get back to her husband.

Then awakening ,and sitting up in bed.

Asking my Lord, did you just show me my future wife? And Immediately I was outside by the pool ,kneeling down , thanking my father for my wife, that he has chosen for me.

And as I looked into the night sky , I seen five beautiful bright stars in a circle.
Although my body was sitting up in the bed, my spirit was outside by the pool , kneeling down looking up at the early morning sky.

Then I came out of my vision , and was back on the bed sitting up.
The Holy Spirit was energizing my body.
I go to my closet ,and thank my father for the wife that he has given me.

Immediately sending a message, to my future wife ,
I was coming to the Philippines, that my Lord gave me the dream And vision, that I have prayed For .

On November 11, 2016, I would meet my future wife. My heavenly father , has given me.

Rosalyn is the most honest, pure , and now Godly person , that I have ever met.

In proverbs 18-22
He who finds a wife, finds what is good , And receives favor from the Lord

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